Devaloop & Ryler Smith – Eternal Dreams LP


Label: Krekpek Records
Art.Nr.: KREKPEK008
Released: 18.06.2021
Format: 12″ LP
Unit: 500 Vinyl
Pressing: DE – Original

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Ryler Smith started working together with Devaloop in 2017 on Devaloop’s LP “From the Bits to the Cosmos”, in particular on the song “Nino Senja”, which featured instrumental production by Devaloop and vocal and lyrical performance by Ryler.

In the approximate time period between 2018 and 2020 both artists worked extensively on various tracks for a collaborative LP-project featuring exclusive production and compositions by Devaloop and vocal and lyrical performances conducted by Ryler. With Devaloop living from Vienna, Austria and Ryler residing in Zurich, Switzerland the two met in person during a short visit by Devaloop to the Swiss city.

A fruitful professional relationship and friendship has blossomed over the years and during the creation of the soon-to-be released LP “Eternal Dreams” containing 15 tracks due for digital and physical release in summer 2021.



Artwork: © Markus Oberndorfer
Photo: © Markus Oberndorfer

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Dimensions 34 × 34 × 0.5 cm

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